Read what one of our happy customers says about her Ava bag

“I went to Fedex to pick up my bags and I've had them unwrapped for all of 10 minutes. I couldn't wait to get home, so I opened the box in the parking lot. First, the delivery time was excellent. 4 days? That has to be a record.

I'm already impressed. The Ava can fit everything I need...and still has room for more. I just transferred my current contents into it and I'm complimenting you on the design. It can fit everything, but it still looks like a stylish bag!! An – it’s wide enough not to bend the corners of my file folders. And - the finishing details like closing off all the sections and the bottle and pen holders just add to the quality. And - the fact that the bottle holders are insulated....fantastic! I ALWAYS have a bottle of water with me.

I'm going to love on this bag until I have to replace it. I haven't even taken the Grace out yet, but know that will be my weekender!....as long as my sister doesn't take it from me!!”

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