About Mia Tui

I started Mia Tui to try to design the perfect bag for Women.. not just a handbag but a bag that can be used for many reasons.

After talking to lots of friends I came up with the 1st bag, and produced 200 of them, we sold out within 8 weeks.

Now we are producing again with some slight modifications - feedback from the 1st bag.

I am amazed how much people love their Mia Tui, you can use it for the Beach/Pool, travelling as it is big enough to fit all your stuff but small enough to still fit under the seat in front of you.

People seem to use the bag as their Baby/Diaper bag as you can fit so much, but also know where everything is.

I hope you have come to my blog because you have a Mia Tui, I would love to hear from you on how you use your bag and if you have any feedback to how we can improve it.

I have a couple of ideas already for the next production run of bags.