Size Guide

Use our guide to choose the right size Mia Tui Bag for you.



Let's start with the Amelie, this is our largest travel bag and the bag you would want with you if you're travelling with a family. or you want an over-night / weekend bag.

The Amelie is cabin compliant on all airlines as your carry-on luggage, but not as your additional handbag - so you can't take a small suitcase and this bag.

This is a large bag so we don't recommend if you are under 5ft 5".




The Emma is our brand new travel bag and will replace the Minnie Amelie, it is the same size as the Minnie Amelie.

Don't forget all of our bags fit under the seat in-front of you, so you don't have to keep getting out of your seat if you forget anything. 

You will be able to take this on British Airways flights as your additional handbag - it is only 2cm taller than the required height, but as our fabric is super soft it will fit in the size gauge and under the seat in-front of you.


The Olivia is the perfect travel bag if you want a smaller travel bag, but still want all the Mia Tui internal benefits.

This classes as your handbag on all budget airlines, so you can take your carry-on suitcase and this bag *if two pieces of luggage are allowed into the cabin.

Included is a clutch bag with a wrist strap, PVC bag for carry-on liquids, a water-bottle holder, phone and pen holder and our signature key clip.

This is the perfect travel bag for the stylish traveller who just sashes her way through the airport looking fantastic.. something I aspire to when travelling alone without the kids and husband :-)

Note - The Olivia will feel much smaller than the Emma, due to the fact that bag narrows to the top.


The Grace is your everyday handbag, yo have two ways of wearing it, across our body or just unbuckle the strap and you have got yourself a handbag that you can wear under your arm.

The Grace has all the Mia Tui benefits of the Mia Tui interior, Water-bottle holder, key clip, small clutch bag, clear PVC bag and that great bright pink interior.


Matilda Mae

Matilda Mae is the perfect everyday or grab and go bag, you have an easy adjustable strap to allow yo to wear long or short.

We have added a water-bottle holder, as most people take water with them. You get a small clutch bag, and the the standard Mia Tui interior, clips for your keys, phone & pen holders.



Lottie is the ultimate grab and go bags, you have a key clip, phone and pen holders, and that bright pink interior to allow you to see into your bag.